Thunderstorm Sounds are better on Amazon Alexa

Voice-enabled devices have been adopted faster than any other technology ever! Faster than the internet and even faster than mobile devices. Voice technology, like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Samsung Bixby, is the beginning of our future. It will fundamentally change the way we interact with our world!

Now that these devices are in millions of homes, they have become the best way to play sounds for sleeping like thunderstorm, ocean, rain, waterfall, and other relaxing sounds and music. These smart speakers are easy to use, convenient, and can automate mundane tasks to make our lives better.

Why are Thunderstorm Sounds better on Alexa?

Alexa makes it really convenient to listen to sleep sounds at night. With an Echo Dot or Echo Show on your nightstand, you just have to say "Alexa, play Thunderstorm Sounds" and sleep is only moments away. The skill will play the perfect mixture of rain and thunder sounds to help you fall asleep quickly. There's no need to fumble with your phone or laptop to find the right YouTube video or playlist.

Sleep sounds played through YouTube or other streaming services may contain ads or stop playing after a short period of time. The Thunderstorm Sounds Alexa skill will play continuously and without any ads until you say "Alexa, stop" which means the sound will play all night, blocking any unwanted noises, and keeping you asleep.

Amazon Alexa

If you want the easiest way to play the best thunderstorm sounds for sleeping, studying, or meditating, you need to get an Amazon Alexa. Alexa makes it so convenient to automate your entire bedtime routine! With a single command, you can turn off the lights, lock the doors, and start your thunderstorm sounds skill. The sounds of thunderstorms will play all night and keep you sleeping soundly.

Thunderstorm Sounds plays on all Alexa devices.

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Sleep Sounds: Thunderstorm Sounds

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